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Halo 3 dead days are over!

Today's Highest class gamers and mlgpros ? They've consumed their fate here.. What will come of this and it will be a donation to your community.. We knew this would be a very soon but now it is a liable contradicting feeling.. Give us our grace and get sh*t on. Well here's the opportunity and play against friends and report matches within a limit less time frame.. We knew we could count on the true nature and it is truely a stake at its most fit gamers.... But rest alone our top player only has his entire route with other pros and his best fit main slayers... Let the games behold in our findings and out comes by the end of this month or this coming year.... Show out your true lan standings!

Featured Artist

We needed a graphics feature and to be gracious enough our featured deviant is deltafx! We needed to see some worthy artist to be displayed and not only it has to be in a graceful point..... Be sure to checkout his profile at thanks for the support! 

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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to Ride or dies league! We are here to support your gamer needs and host ladders to your favorite games. We will be hosting these ladders to ensure the best feedback from the most respect games out today. Even when are games die out we will still provide you those ladders to ensure ever gamers respect points. The best part is we can still make it reliably the best planet for gamer intents... For all those requiring such ladders they normally dont see on any site be sure to give to get it up and running as soon as the same day.. Thanks for the support and we do appreciate your lifestyle to playing and assuring your inimate feedback.... Don't forget to tell us to your friends!! Get playing already!

The world noted asphysician to being in a warzone is highly undoubt. We need better games and more socom titles. The only good games apparently have biased weapons or too much lag. We can connect with older games and get the same feelings but what reason is for that. A get down like none other. Truly understanding each game is solely your purpose in life. And getting better is only a time breaker you got to live with until you've breached your limit than playing less will help. So patiently waiting for a Socom 5 title is truly a understanding like none other. When, where, and how. They collect data from sites begging for recognition... If it is begging. They only needed a ride or dies.Eu page network. So let us break down our sorrow with the lag issues. Is was 14 the stat problem. 13 the aim problem and possible a m87 problem which fixed it. I subside from gun issues because they worked well in it. But further from the issue i'd like to insinuate on wars typically lag was in 8v8s and in 7v7 but it had nothing to do with host. That's why we quit out during rounds after dying so iniamitely .. We normally brag less when dying and assort the game statistic we normally jot down certain game modes and focus key points of the map to end up the last ones alive. Camping not included but it does work in some peoples favor. We needed more and better maps with ones we had and its got to be a map we always lose out on because we don't have hosty connections. But there was alot of shooting situations where it wasn't Maggy at all. God forbid I only shoot bad players what the f*ck ever. Anyways if we had another title based on socoms engine we would ellapse the servers in the millions as for any other game they clinging on to life waiting to show fur mere game stats and p*rn. Just as for the screaming kids we waited in line to hear it. Any other day we just sat and shot carefully and most days were in depth with the straight kill and grenade pickup. And alot of people only used 1. Kill clips to showoff talents. Nobody really cared for two kills. Unless its halo or something. But not cod. We need more kills than a few. Hah. Any sort of player would use relaxing debatable play fields and who're the same maps until they reach a breaking point. Send us code 9 to destroy the servers and we can access a broken ps2 if we cheat. From what i understand. They only reason the games like so com exist is to out do the title socom Il. Or do they still feel as if its dead and gone. Give us back the servers or server to have possible reinstated servers we will not go on strike but at last have momentum with our play styles from other games. More less we need another game and let it be the fifth seriously. I can only imagine what the game feels like and the way we reminisce is to get our hands on it to play all night.